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Is Your Business Overwhelmed by Social Media?


We know you want to provide your customer with the best possible experience, but it is difficult with all the moving bits and pieces that are required for a successful social media campaign. With researching your customer’s client base and the most effective platform for your client, how do you know what kind of content will appeal to them enough to make those all-important sales? Then there is conceptualizing your marketing strategy and planning your sales funnel. Websites are great for a tool, but really don’t actively bring in the customers that great social media campaigns can.

Facebook is the Social Media King

Social Media can be a daunting prospect. There are so many platforms and variables to consider. For instance, did you know Facebook has over 2.8 BILLION active monthly users and that the United States and Canada combined represent only 10% of that customer base? Or that YouTube runs a very close second at 2.0 billion active monthly users? How about the much talked about Instagram? They have over 500 million daily active users! Who has the time to devote to all the research required? We can understand how that is overwhelming to the busy business owner.

A survey by Pew Research states around 74% of U.S. adults use Facebook at least once a day. There simply isn’t any other platform that consistently generates more potential customers for your business. Of that, 74% of daily users, 53% found new retail products and were interested in making a purchase. You can say “WOW” now, it would be appropriate. These are some pretty compelling statistics.

Your Facebook marketing campaign needs to be spot on. You must create persuasive, engaging content that your customer wants to interact with. Part of that is creating stunning, eye-catching cover photos or graphic visuals. If you don’t have a great visual, the potential customer won’t even look at your post. It’ll be just another lost opportunity amongst all the others in your customer’s feed. Posting twice a day to keep your customers interested and engaged is a must for creating momentum for sales. The most important factor is to post content that is of value to your customers. Posting just “any ‘ole thing” just doesn’t work anymore. Customers want to feel valued by the brand, so interacting with comments and giving quality content is your best way of doing that.

If all this is way too much for you to consider, and you want to hold your breath until you turn blue in the face with your eyes rolling back in your head, consider SBRS (Small Business Recovery Specialists).

We will devise a comprehensive Facebook strategy for your business. We will take all the research and content creation and graphics creation off your shoulders, so you have more time for what’s important. Running your business. Contact us by completing our Contact Form or calling us today. Let us show you what we can do for your business.